Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Race

 “Winning horse doesn’t know why it is in the race. It runs because of beats and pains.
Life is a race, God is your rider. So if you are in pain think God wants you to win.”

“The sharpest minds often ruin their lives by overthinking the next step, While the dull win the race with eyes closed.”

I am Vihaan. While I was in school all that was important to me was to score good marks and get admitted to a good science college.

I wanted to get into the science stream because I was made to believe by my family, friends, and relatives that science is for the intelligent minds.

By the time I was in 12th grade, there were many people who asked: "so what next - medical or engineering"?  Then there were few who said medicine is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Somehow I decided to study Engineering. I was very happy. All that was important to me in the first year was to get graduated on time. In the third year, I was worried as it was important to get placed by the end of the fourth year.
If not, my relatives would judge my capabilities.

With great difficulty, I got placed. I had an offer letter in hand but did not have a girlfriend. There was this constant pressure if you don’t have a girlfriend that means you are not good enough.

Somehow I managed to get a girlfriend but she wanted to get married early. At 25, I had very less package and she knew I could not afford a marriage.

My Girlfriend then got married to someone making me feel dejected.

I felt the need to earn more. I worked hard, travelled more. I was happy. Then one day I attended a school reunion and found out that the students of my class were earning more than me. I became restless.
I decided to work even harder.

I saw my friends posting pictures of their wedding.

I wanted to get married. But my parents had still not started searching a girl for me.
Somehow I made my parents realize and got married.

With marriage, there are a lot of things that people don't tell you. There is pressure from the society about the wedding venue, menu etc including your honeymoon destination.

After marriage, it took me a while to realize that you should not let people pressurize you into doing things until you are ready.

My wife and I were confused between having babies first or shifting to a new house.

At 25, I was unhappy as my friends were getting married to their girlfriends and posted pictures of their honeymoon.

At 30, my wife was upset as her friends shared their maternity photo shoots.

While all this was happening, I believe many of my friends envied me for the reason that I was happily married.

All that I want to say is there are many who get successful early in life and the rest have to struggle.

Early success does not ensure a happy life, then why waste time in comparing with others.

People quit their jobs to pursue something of their choice and that does not make them less successful.

They say - If you have struggled even for ten years making mistakes chances are that you will not repeat those mistakes when you are older.

Everybody is in their own time zone and it is good for us to work towards our goals at our own pace.

Yes, life is a race. But what am I racing for?
I realized, it is not for anyone else in this world, it's just so as to achieve my aspirations in life.


  1. Inspirational, motivational, Wonderful thought beautifully written by Author. Really now no one has time to think about their own life, only just to make others happy we all are in endless race.

  2. A good read and leaves you with a deep thought .. Thanks for writting dear. Keep it up

  3. Wow.. Very thoughtful and inspiring write up Rashmi..

  4. Wow.. Very thoughtful and inspiring write up Rashmi.. Keep it up