Saturday, 11 June 2016

Thank You Doctors

A blogger in Mexico, on his visit to the hospital, noticed a doctor sleeping at her desk early morning around 3 am.  He took a photograph and posted it online criticizing her by saying "doctors are obliged to do their work" .

Soon after this doctors worldwide posted pictures in the defense of this medical student with the tags such as "I've also fallen asleep" , "We are doctors, not machines" etc.

Many people don't realize that doctors also need to have a good sleep. It is not easy to work 36-hour shifts at hospitals, sometimes 70+ hours per week. A few minutes rest is essential, so why to criticize. Also, many a times I see patients commenting on their doctors for attending phone calls or even smiling, talking with their colleagues for that matter. They have a family too. Like the way you would badly want to talk with your mother or your kids, even they would feel the same. So stop pointing fingers at them.

Lack of sleep can lead to many mistakes and would be a risk to many lives. A Single operation can last for several hours and doctors have to be extremely focused.

I am just writing this article to thank all the hardworking doctors out there for giving best to their patients. Do share it with all your friends who are doctors to show them respect and to bring a smile on their face.

Sharing few pictures(google images) here that were shared by the doctors themselves.

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