Struggle as a fresher

College ke gate ke iss taraf hum life ko nachate hai ... uss taraf life humko nachati hai...
I got my Engineering degree with a distinction and to be very honest I had not struggled much for this. The real struggle began outside the college premises when I was actually out of my comfort zone.
Our first college reunion was in the month of December in the year 2012, when many of my friends had already started working were invited on stage to talk about their work, their company, work life balance and there I was sitting somewhere in the corner to hide myself from Dean and Principal, trying to control my emotions, holding back my tears.
After many of my friends spoke about their career growth and life at work, my Dean asked me "Would you like to come on stage and share your experiences?" 
I did not know what to do. Somehow the dean had noticed me and I could not say a 'No'.
I managed to gather all the confidence and as I stood up confidently, I could see that sometimes confidence is everything. It is a quality that makes you look better, sound better, stronger and what you say is most likely to be accepted.
Though I had got an offer from three companies, I had not got the joining date. 
Few of my friends had already started working and earning. And here I was standing behind the lectern, talking about my struggle. 
Trust me it's a bad feeling and people who have gone through will understand. 
I spoke about my journey from June 2012- Dec 2012 and ended up saying "College di gate de is taraf hum life ko nachate hai ... te duji taraf life humko nachati hai...I said this famous dialogue from Rang de basanti and there was silence in the college auditorium for few seconds. The silence was broken when my dean, lecturers, and friends gave me a huge round of applause to build up my confidence.
We have seen the struggling actors saying, mein pehle watchman tha, ab succesful actor hu and stuff so thought of sharing few of experiences as an engineering fresher to motivate those job seekers.
What every fresher feels and what every fresher does?
  • Every company wants an experienced person so where should the fresher go. It leaves you wondering how will you get experience without a job.
  • After a while, you end up sending resumes to the companies which do not even match your job profile. I feel it funny now but I have given my resumes to the security guards asking them to give me a call when there is a job opening and to share my resume with the HR. I am sure you are laughing, It makes me laugh too.
  • As your friends get placed one by one, you are confused whether you need to be happy for them or sad for yourself. Dost fail ho jaye toh dukh hota hai .... lekin dost first aa jaye toh zyada dukh hota hai wala feeling you get.
  • You don't feel like attending those marriage functions, parties with your family because you want  to simply avoid that question "So beta whats going on in your life?"
  • There will be few people to add to your grief, "beta, my uncle's daughter got a very good job, pata hai she's getting married soon, life set hai uska" I could never understand this equation "good life + marriage = life is settled.". Every individual has a different meaning, equation, and definition of success. So just leave it to them.
  • When your dad says "Beta, gaadi lekar jaa full tank karvaya hai, you feel bad because you do not have money for petrol." All these years your dad has been paying for your food and your vehicle's petrol but suddenly you start feeling guilty. 
  • When you are alone far from away from home searching for jobs you remember your mom's dialogue and cry "Beta khana khaya.... kya banau tere liye"
Sharing a beautiful message below for all those wonderful freshers out there..

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  1. Nice. Having confidence on self is most required in today's life. Don't loose hope. Try until you succeed is the message here.

  2. Is aggregate percentage very much necessary,

    1. If you ask me , my answer would be NO. But somewhere I feel our entire education system is marks to learn more

  3. Good one Rashmi.....


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