Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Please call me

My colleagues IM saying “Please call”. This truly causes anxiety. I am sure all of you must have experienced this.

Now this “please call me’ has a lot of significance. These words are magical. You are nervous and at the same time scared. You then try and recollect all possible mistakes. You are left with no other option than to call.

Something similar to this is “need to speak to you” or "call me now" from your mother, father or a relative. You then go to your flashback. You start thinking “Did my mom get to know I lied to her? Who might have told her?”

Another is "Good news! Call me." You now wonder what the good news is all about. You start making assumptions.

Jon Steinberg, CEO of the Daily Mail, North America, recently wrote a post in which he explains why “please call me” is the most frustrating, annoying, and disruptive type of email a person can send. "They put the recipient into a state of wonder at the very least and some level of anxiety at the other end of the spectrum," he says. "The news to be delivered is no doubt bad, the only question is how bad? Over the years, I have asked colleagues not to send me these messages. And if they have confidential information, they can still add some details to an email to make it slightly less baffling and anxiety provoking," says Steinberg.

Now text time you say “please call”, “need to speak to you” or “good news! Call me” keep in mind that these magical words would only increase their anxiety.

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