Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Power Of Appreciation

All of us know the effects of appreciation in our life. Appreciation is powerful. They say “Appreciation can make a day and sometimes even change a life”.
One of my friends told me this morning that her team lead never appreciates her work. I asked her if she ever appreciated her team lead for his work or her teammates for their work. Her answer was “No”.
I simply smiled and said “Appreciation is always good to receive but if we do not give it back and practice ourselves then why expect from others?”
According to Jack Canfield, who is American motivational speaker and author says in The Success Principles, “A state of appreciation is one of the highest vibrational emotional states possible.”
Executives, leaders are often frustrated with the kind of work their team does. Every individual is good at something or the other and it’s the responsibility of the leader to find out. Only when the team is appreciated for the things they do they will feel that there is a need to travel extra mile. I do not understand why the leaders do not acknowledge the work and celebrate small victories.
Some of the leaders/teachers also have this habit of saying “I appreciate everybody”. Though it is the team effort which has led to fruitful results, there is also need for individual appreciation.
In few teams that I see in my company, the party funds are collected from the fresher’s who have joined the team recently. Seniors in the team force their junior team mates to sponsor trips. Organizing trips I understand but sponsoring is not that easy. Forget about good work, the individual who is not able to do this will be emotionally disturbed.
We have something known as Spot recognition awards in our company. None of us bother to appreciate someone for his/her good work by giving awards, but everyone wants to be a receiver of such award.
The Power of Appreciation by Dr. Noelle Nelson and co-author Jeannine Lemare Calaba, Psy.D. provide a practical 5-step "Appreciation Process" to turn even the negatives in life into positives.
The above image shows the flow of blood to the brain while experiencing negative thoughts and feelings.

The above image shows the flow of blood to the brain while experiencing appreciative thoughts and feelings.

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