Saturday, 1 March 2014


All of us are very good in pointing fingers at other's.
When we are in their shoes we fail to realize that we are committing the same mistake all over again.

Why do we see the spectacles on our neighbor's eye and point out saying:
"You.. yes was your fault".
But we do not realize that our vision is also blurred and there is defect in our eyes as well.

My friend Niharika was dating a guy named Akshath.
Niharika was beautiful and intelligent.
One thing she lacked was maturity.
According to Niharika's best friend Namita, Akshath was a spoilt brat who belonged to a very rich family.

Namita always disliked Akshath and never approved of his relationship with Niharika.
Niharika did not seem to bother. Though she was upset that her best friend was not happy for her she continued saying "my life, my way".

History did repeat itself and it was Namita's turn.
Few months later, Namita got engaged to Udith. She never wanted to get married early. She always said she would marry in her thirty's. Then what made her get committed so soon. They say love is blind and she was setting an example.

The funniest part was that now Niharika was upset.
Niharika knew Udith since months and also knew that Udith did not deserve a girl like Namita.
Namita was exceptionally beautiful, hardworking, clever girl who had a long way to go.
Niharika felt Namita had lost her mind and senses.

Both of them took a decision for themselves which they thought was good for them at that time.

It is so easy to point out fingers at others but when the same finger points back to one's self, everything seems to be mess.

*If you ask me I would say it is better to walk as if there was a possible patch of ice under the feet, not so that I do not step forward, but so that each step I take is thoughtful.
Because the only way not to take the same path again is to be considerate of each step forward.

It is time to look before I take a leap.
To be unafraid, but be thoughtful.
To be optimistic but not be blind.
To live my life fully, but not foolishly*.
To be knowing where I am going and be aware of each stop along the way.


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