Tuesday, 25 December 2012


This was my best friend Madhuri Manjunath's status update on facebook on 24/12/2012.
I am sure you would like and also appreciate her write-up. Enjoy reading !!


1. Maximum number of road accidents happens due to carelessness of men. Yet men say "women can't drive”.

2. It always happens that a woman falls silent when her love for a man is denied. But there are maximum cases that a woman is been troubled and attacked by acid just because she denied someone’s love. Yet men say “women don’t have heart”

3. A man works at office comes home has food and sleeps. A woman works at office cooks food, washes dishes, does his laundry, cleans house, takes care of his family and forgets about her house. Yet men say “women don’t have any other work other than chatting”.

4. If a man is stressed he spends time in a bar returns back home completely drunk and makes a fuss about losing his wallet. If a woman is stressed she goes to movie with her boy friend and is raped by drainage dwellers and still is silent. Yet men say “WOMEN ARE INTOLLERABLE”.

5. If a man runs naked on cricket field its entertainment. Yet men give reasons in media for all these rape incidents as “women cant dress”.

This is an humble request from my side to all the so called responsible men of India.

Our silence also has a full stop.

Stop bullying girls before they start butching men in public; before they start forming their own rules; before they start lifting their faith on their father, brother and husband.

 Women when silent are beautiful. I swear you won’t like them when they are angry.

                                                                 -MADHURI MANJUNATH


  1. Dear Guddi
    Thank you for publishing this. I think this is something every woman questions herself when people blame her for various mistakes. i think its high time we stop showing compassion to the uncultured group of the society and reply them back. Its time to react not to watch.

  2. Your most welcome maddy..and yeah i do agree with you..