Sunday, 2 December 2012

Engineering students are better time managers!!


If someone asks me what is one thing that you have learnt the best during your Engineering, then my answer will be Time Management. 

People succumb to different kinds of pressures. One of these is Engineering pressure during internal and external exams, project submissions and seminar preparations. Rest of the time is to have unlimited fun while we are busy with other activities. I am seeing how much this Engineering pressure can make us to sacrifice - people breaking their relationships; not finding time to talk with their friends and family members; fighting with their group members for deadlines getting over; spending their days in the library; feeling jealous of their classmates getting better grades; cribbing about college management, infrastructure and facilities and yearning for the placement days to come. Have you not faced this at some point of Engineering?

We can learn and understand each and everything completely and as much as any other student in the class does, without getting into the fight for Rank 1. I know a friend, and I appreciate her very much for being a wonderful human being. One day she told me that in any examination she aims to secure 100% marks, because that marks the excellence she expects from herself. I was impressed; however, I never understood what difference in her understanding of the subject would come, if she scores 99 out of 100. After all, it is the teacher's understanding of the answer sheet that fetches her marks. So does she want to learn for her own satisfaction, or the satisfaction of the evaluator? But under VTU, scoring 34 and 35 makes a hell lot of difference. Only the students under VTU would know the value of that one extra mark during an internal exam; especially when internal marks are 14 out of 25.

Well, this problem is there in every level of our education system. I believe what we all need is a change in mentality. Trust me from my personal experience; if concepts are clear and we know what to read it is not at all difficult to get FC’s and FCD’s. Study holidays in a semester are all that it takes. 

Now imagine how much more we can do with the remaining weeks in a semester. There is one more advantage - we are never out of energy, so for any random opportunity coming our way, we are more energetic and ready to prepare than the others, who generally put their mind, body and soul in everything they do and get exhausted pretty soon. So the saying goes all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Also, we can spend time in innovation and creativity, visit more places, invest more time into our personal life, make more friends, be known more by the faculty, regret less, score well and always be positive about our future, because we know that our best has still to come.

And now coming back to the first paragraph engineering students are better managers also, because in order to keep their fun element alive, they balance the multiple dimensions of their lives along with academics like writing journals in a day or completing assignments in a night, studying the previous day for an external or reading for few hours before an internal exam. Engineering students learn a lot and gain lot in four years !!



  1. absolutely true :)

  2. time management is the best thing that one can learn during engineering course

  3. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy...every engineering topper should know this

  4. Another perspective that one can think of is that we are over-rating the amount that one has to study under vtu. What I mean to say here is that engineering these days is become more of a degree and totally book dependent rather than concentrating on the understanding to actually creating something. One is unable to apply or know where a particular concept is actually applied and sometimes, doesn't even care. Many would agree that one is just "called" an engineer. That is the precise reason y one is able to score well just by studying for the last 7-10 days, score an FCD, be called an engineer and still doesn't know what actually an Engineer is or does!

  5. yeah i totally agree with what you said that one is just "called" an engineer these days and does not have any practical knowledge...that is why i said spend time in innovation , creativity ( para 6)n be ready to grab the opportunities coming ur way...scoring can be easy if u have clear understanding of the concepts (para 4) :)

  6. i am not an engineer , but i can repair any gadgets given to me, which most of the engineers cant...i am sure even the so called lecturers of engineering colleges will not be knowing much.....i have many engineer friends and so i know so much about engineers...but to tell you the fact is that engineers are all rounders..they have the ability to grasp, they have good communication skills, and like you said they are good managers even without MBA degree, so the four years of engineering is not only about learning n applying technical concepts but also about becoming the best in various aspects..