Wednesday, 12 September 2012

She is truly her angel !!

Twenty two years into her life and today she holds a B.E degree.
Life is yet to begin for her in the corporate world and she is ready to take up challenges.

There is one person she is grateful to; to whom she owes a debt that is not repayable by any means possible.

Who is she? An angel in her life!

Many times people who are not fulfilling their destiny will try to discourage us from fulfilling ours. Few people will try to show extra concern when we actually do not require it. Some of them advice and confuse us. They may not do it intentionally, but they will tell us what we cannot do, how things won’t work out. They will remind us of our impossibilities.

This girl was not an exception and the same had to happen with her.  She sat starring at the walls thinking about the past when she was pulled into the present by this angel of hers. The angel said to her “The ability to believe in yourself, to believe that you have the power to make your dreams a reality is the ability to control your destiny. Anyone can have a strong belief when they can see the evidence of good progress. The test of your belief in yourself will come when there seems to be no evidence that you can reach your goals. Don’t let someone else’s unbelief keep you from believing. Do not let other people make you walk out of your dreams”.

The girl did not utter a single word, for she was amazed how this angel could read her mind. Therefore the saying goes “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”. Her angel is her mother, a person who truly cares.

A baby just out of its mother’s womb can be compared to an empty notebook. The preface of this book is written by the people who take care of him/her until the baby grows and acquires the ability to write his/her own destiny. When an outsider reads the first few pages of this book, it reflects the character the mother instills in him or her. The latter parts of this book depend on how the person writes his/her own destiny making use of the values imbibed.

This girl’s story is no different from the one mentioned above. Her mother’s nature influences her. Her mother’s character influences her. Her mother is a person who portrays perfection in all the things she does. A person who wants her child to be much more stronger than her. An attitude towards life that inspires many people to think that life is too good. A person who believes, if it is to be done then it is to be done no matter what the neighbors or relatives think.

This girl hears many times that parents that have single kids tend to pamper their only child. Added to this, is the belief that when the child grows up, they grow up with a wrong attitude towards life. A brat who cannot take no for an answer. But it is a different scenario in this girl’s case. She is the only child, a child who is stubborn. But her mother never compromises on her principles towards life while raising her.
Her mother uses a simple yet effective sequential approach in raising her. She punishes her daughter for all the wrong doings – ranging from simple ones such as not waking up when awoken to moderate ones such as not doing her homework to big ones such as lying. But she doesn’t forget to embrace her in a tight hug when she thinks she is learning her lesson. Display of love is all tender minds need, and she knows it very well.

Into the teen-ages, it is time to instill principles and values. In this age the girl starts to believe that she can write her own destiny. She thinks she needs no advice and needs no help in making decisions. An age where her friends and surroundings have more impact on her than her mother. She feels if her friends can do it, so can she.

The time has come when her mother’s patience is tested almost every day. Patience to say what is right and what is wrong, because once her daughter forms her own opinion on something no argument can change it. She finds a way out. She tells her daughter whatever she does is correct and that she trusts her. But also neatly slips in an advice and tells her daughter to think about her family and people who have trust in her before doing anything. It touches the right nerve. She indirectly helps her daughter from going on the wrong path.

The girl is in her adulthood; her mother is her best friend now. Her mother sits with her and discusses various aspects of life. The girl is now capable of taking life’s crucial decisions on her own. Her mother teaches her how to make them. She tells her no one ever makes perfect decisions. Some decisions backfire and some lead to success. Her mother doesn’t forget to tell her, all that she can derive from any experience is experience itself.

People who meet this girl appreciate her for what she is now. Some of them even wonder how such a stubborn girl has turned to be a good human being. This girl simply smiles at them and says "the reason being my mother, my angel". 


  1. Mother is truly an angel :)

  2. i am sure this girls mom will be very happy reading this

  3. heart touching once:) ya mother is our angel :)