Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Goals In Life!!

Everyone in this world has a goal. A goal to come up in life. Some have short term goals, some have long term goals. Goals may differ from person to person. One’s goals are not only his or her’s. It is influenced by the surrounding environment. I would say it also depends on the way we are brought up. But Unless "Our Goals Are Clear, Put in Writing And Reviewed Daily They Are Not Goals, They Are Just Wishes." 

Everyone has different goals that they hope to achieve in life; however, if we ask how many people actually work towards achieving their goals, we would be surprised to see how only a few people make an effort to work towards their goals. Once we have asked our self what are our goals in life are, the next step for us is to achieve those goals. In order we achieve our goals we need to have three very important things, which are: focus, motivation and commitment. 

I feel sad when goals are selfish. Yes I call them selfish goals because it includes only one’s self. It’s quite natural that when we set goals, we usually have ourselves in mind, not others. But Goals must be specific, focused, purposeful and measurable. 

A close friend of mine had given me a call when she had got her worth first salary Rs.50000/-. I asked her “how are you going to spend the money”? She said she had made a list. I asked to read it out for me. While she was doing so, I noticed that the list did not include anything for her family and friends. It included only the things that she wanted for herself. I became quiet disturbed after she read that. What were the other ways in which she could spend that amount? 

Her mother and her father who worked all day long to satisfy their daughter’s needs were not even asked once, what do you want? Her brother who looked after her with so much of love and affection was not even once asked what he wanted. Her close friend who shared her joys and sorrows was not even once asked “what do you want my friend?” 

In school days, all of us have heard of the thought “First self then help”. There must be something behind this thought and that it is why it was framed. The simple four words explains a lot. It does not teach us to become selfish and have selfish goals for sure. But we take the thought on a lighter note and suitably modify it according to one’s wishes and situation. Is this a mark of maturity? 

To reach one’s goals, our parents, our surroundings, our teachers, our neighbours, our friends, our relatives are responsible in one way or the other. 

Is it not wrong to think only about our self when we have the ability to give little back to the society? 

Have we become so senseless that we do not understand what our goals are in life and laugh at others for not being able to get what they want? 

Have we become so blind that we cannot see other’s pain and miseries? 

Why do we call others unfortunate when we fail to realize who we are and why we are here? 

We have heard of the saying “Success is the reward of hardwork and ambition”. But I would say “Success is the reward of hardwork and meaningful goals which are selfless. 

Ambition/goals don’t change lives; ambition makes individual people successful. It’s selfish. However, ambition coupled with a focus on making other’s life wonderful can lead powerful causes and change lives. 

Goals should be focused on what we can do for others—the lives we can touch, the lives we can change.


  1. Goals should be focused on what we can do for others—the lives we can touch, the lives we can change :)u have presented a totally different idea on goals :)

  2. you have added meaning to my goals :)

  3. to reach our goals our surroundings play very important role but we credit only ourself