Saturday, 25 August 2012

First Impression !!

You may have come across incidents where a person is not judged properly, but by virtue of his/her gender, colour, caste, race or even his/her food habits.

Do you remember how you met your best friends? Can you recall what they spoke to you for the first time? What was your first impression on them when you met them for the first time?

Some say first impression is the last impression. I really wonder why they say that. Most of the times the people whom you think are bad turn out to be the best people in your life.

It was the first day of my pre-university college. Everything seemed new. New lecturers, new class rooms, new friends, a totally new experience. During the break, along with my few old friends, I walked from our class to the canteen. The walk was pleasant. Just half-way between the class and canteen, I noticed four girls giggling. They were in fact my classmates. I looked at them, they looked at me and I smiled at them. Three of them smiled back but one of them did not and behaved a little weird. I said to myself “Who asked you to smile at her?... Idiot”. When we smile at someone we in turn expect them to smile back in return, if that does not happen we feel disappointed, sometimes insulted too. We later got back to our class and settled down on our respective seats. My eyes began to search for the girl who had not smiled at me. Finally I found her. I said to myself “so there you are Miss. Attitude”.
Later that evening, I got into the college van in order to get back home. To my utter surprise I found the same four girls. I smiled and said "Hi, I am Rashmi”. All of them smiled at me and introduced themselves including “Miss. Attitude” girl. In fact she spoke to me more than the others. I was amazed. I could not stop myself but ask her the reason for showing so much of attitude in the morning. Later I thought it was silly to ask her and left it. In no time we became good friends and then best friends.
We are friends till now, but I have never asked the reason why she behaved weird when we met for the first time.


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  1. First impressions are not always the last have proved this with your blog