Saturday, 23 June 2012

School Days- the best days of our life!!

Go back to your school days. Imagine yourself sitting on those benches. Close your eyes. Recall those moments. You realize that the school day’s life is a merry go round, a journey of joy from start to end.

When the school would re-open in June, we would be happy just because we would be given new set of uniform, shoes, socks, school bags, water bottle, tiffin box, books, compass box etc. After few days all our excitement would vanish. We would feel like having two Sundays and no Mondays, yet we would manage to line up daily for the morning prayers. We would find happiness in chasing one another in the corridors during the intervals and return to classrooms drenched in sweat. We would have our tiffin, lunch in classrooms, corridors, playgrounds, under the shadow of trees. We would eagerly wait for a single physical education class, music, drawing, dance, craft and computer class. Our fights would be either for the window seat in the bus or for stationary items like pencil or sharpener. The one month long preparations for Sports day, Annual day would be filled with loads of fun.

Those were the days which included stressful quarterly, half yearly, annual exams and the most enjoyed holidays after them. Those were the days when we could laugh, cry, learn, play, win, lose, fight and forgive the very next day. Life was so easy. Happiness was all about collecting chocolate wrappers, stickers, posters, making paper crafts, rockets, pressing flowers between the pages of books. School days were the days when Superman, Batman, Spiderman and all such characters were our heroes. Those were the days when we used to think of growing up early. 

School days are the best part of one’s life which will be lingering in our hearts forever and ever.

I hope you went back to your golden olden days for a while! Today when we pass by our school we start recalling all the fun that we did in those days. Those moments have become sweet memories of our life.


  1. you made me go back to my childhood days

  2. truely childhood days are the best part of our life