Thursday, 15 February 2018


The #GirlsWhoDrinkBeer trended nationwide on social media few days back as the Goa CM Manohar Parikkar said Girls drinking beer is a cause of worry..he spoke in Goan Konkani and I wasn't there when he said it so I do not want to comment on it.

But then few of my friends ( were also not present when he delivered that speech) were upset.
Point #1 . Some of them did not like it because they felt he should have said  MEN and women have started drinking more should be a cause of concern. Okay I understand.. if that is your point then why the hashtag girls who drink beer to troll him..
Talk about how bad it is for men and women both , this could help create some kind of awareness.
Point #2- BJP= Parikkar and Parikkar = remark on girls drinking beer then BJP = remark on girls drinking beer , I don't like BJP so let's troll Parikkar. Now this is really ridiculous.

To all the pretty ladies posting pictures with beer etc etc read this -
One drink for a girl has about twice the effect of one drink for a boy. This is because female bodies process alcohol more slowly than males. Girls tend to weigh less than boys and a female’s body contains less water and more fatty tissue than a male’s. Because fat retains alcohol while water dilutes it, alcohol remains at higher concentrations for longer periods of time in a female body, exposing a female brain and other organs to more alcohol. Additionally, females have lower levels of enzymes that metabolize alcohol, and as a result females absorb more alcohol into their bloodstreams. Girls ages twelve to sixteen who drink alcohol are four more times likely to suffer from depression.

You as an adult posting pictures can have an adverse effect on those adolescents.  They are watching you, looking up to you. Beware!!

Please note that men consuming alcohol is also bad just that it was out of scope for this post.

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