Sunday, 19 November 2017

International Men's Day

Navya was working on fixing an issue.
Now this was a piece which was coded, tested by a colleague Rehan who is technically sound. As developers we all agree that sometimes even with all the testing effort there could be some bugs left behind. The client wanted it to be fixed asap and that is when the manager yelled at Rehan. Navya was asked to look into the issue and while she was doing so , she saw Rehan in all tears. She did not want to ask him any questions further related to that code.

Later in a discussion,Rehan narrated the incident in front of his team members and said  'a lady manager was yelling at me and had asked a lady developer to look into my code. I had put in a lot of efforts so I could not help but burst into tears. We all do mistakes and learn from them. I have realised that it is okay for men to cry. It actually helps to release stress and tension.'

Men don't cry, stop acting like a girl are the words that cause men to suffer in silence.

There's a lot to talk about and think about.

To all the wonderful men who make this world a beautiful place to live in "Happy International Men's Day".

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