Saturday, 12 August 2017

My Grandpa- My Guardian Angel in heaven

Dear Everyone,

Today is my late grandfather's birthday. I used to call him baba. 
On this day, with all of you I would like to wish him a very happy birthday. 

You must be thinking I am crazy. But what do I do. The two words 'no more' is the saddest thing of all. Each and every birthday we have with our loved ones is actually a gift. On my birthday everyone wished me but there was something that was missing and it was my Baba's birthday wishes. I miss hearing his voice, his words of wisdom.

When someone we love is gone, we find that even after their death their birthday still belongs to them.
All these years 14th August was the day for me and my family to wish him, to honour him and even today the day still belongs to him.

There are many who tell me he is in a better place now, he had to leave this world, he was old, he lived a long life.
No matter what,  living a good and long life does not diminish the pain of the loss.

Sometimes something's are not in your control. But what is in your control is to thank the person and show your love and appreciation.
Time is precious, too precious for us to take the ones we love for granted..

With people, we often think we have time ,more time than we really do. When they are gone we realise how important they were in our life.

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