Sunday, 14 May 2017

Dear MaaJaisi best friend

Mother's day is a day dedicated to all mother's to respect her motherhood and appreciate her unconditional love and sacrifice.

All of us are fortunate enough to have atleast one woman in our life who is Maa Jaisi ( mother like) other than our own mother and that woman could be our mother in law, wife, sister ,sister in law, friend, girlfriend, aunt, grandmother, daughter, daughter in law , teacher etc.

My Mom always says never miss a chance to thank the one who has shown love by helping you in every possible way.

On this Mother's day, I take the opportunity to thank all those beautiful woman who have played such an important role in my life and because of them I am the person that I am today.

Now to all those whom I refer to as 'maa jaisi' are the ones I share my secrets , difficulties, fears, concerns, happiness, achievements, accomplishments and my best moment's.
Thank you for sharing your life experiences, perspectives and it's always good to hear to your advices and for showing great happiness just like a Mom on my little triumphs.

Take good care of yourself because you are special to me and to many other people around you.

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