Saturday, 10 December 2016

Finding Mr. Right

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Search for Mr. Right 

My parents began to search for the right alliances when I was 24. Just like any other girl, I would reject all the alliances that were forwarded to me. 

When I had been to my hometown on a vacation, my mom showed me an excel sheet on her laptop which had a list of the most eligible bachelor's of my community and asked me to shortlist. 
Now I knew how difficult it was for them to find the right guy as the sheet had some 300+ names.
I did not want to get married but at the same did not want to hurt my mom's feelings too.
Also, I was happy to see that she had started using the laptop and internet which was something new to her.

There were many columns referring to height, qualification, work location and so on against each name. There were no pictures and only plain data. 
I was pretending to be serious just to make my mom happy and filtered the data based on few criteria's and in some time the spreadsheet had only 4 rows(4 names). I told my mom not to trouble me anymore because my task of shortlisting was done.

After few days, my father gave me a call saying we have shortlisted one guy out of '4' and he wants to speak with you. 
I  thought to myself  that I will talk to him and then say to my parents that he was not the right match for me. This was not new to me and had done it before because I had not met the right guy. 

Mr. Right's Entry in my Life 

To obey my parents, I texted him and asked if I could give him a call the next day. He agreed and messaged me the next day asking if he could call in the afternoon making sure that I was free.

We spoke to each other for some time and I insisted that we become friends to understand each other better. The very first time that we spoke I realized that there was no reason to reject him. However, I did not say anything to my parents.

We continued messaging, calling each other. Each text message from him was special. Though we did not share what we felt for each other.

After few days when I gave him a call he said that he had received a marriage proposal and was on his way to meet that girl. I hung up the phone because I could not control my emotions. I was upset all day.

That evening when he gave me a call I was angry, jealous and he could sense that. 
He explained to me that he had been there only to please his parents. After all, I had not said 'Yes' nor did I even agreed to meet him.
Immediately told him that I wanted to meet him, he smiled and said talk to your parents.

I gave a call to my dad and said that I wanted to meet the shortlisted guy, he was happy that I had finally agreed to meet someone.

Before meeting each other we had agreed that even if one does not like the other, we will just say a 'No' and part ways. 

Finally, we met each other on 12th of April, the best day of my life. 
I took him to my favorite restaurant and there he proposed to me. I told him that I wanted some time to decide as this was an important decision of my life to which he agreed.

I went back to my parents and told them that I really liked him and wanted to get married to him.
My parents trusted my decision for which I am ever grateful to them.

I met him again to say " Yesterday was my dad's birthday and I still have not gifted him anything. Would you mind if I gifted you to him?"

He was very happy and said with a smile "Now I am impressed, even more , this is a nice way of saying yes, get a gift wrapper and wrap me soon". 

"This blogathon is supported by Woo, The most popular match making app in India with a base of over 3.5 million users.”
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  1. Vijayalaxmi Hiroli10 December 2016 at 07:37

    Very nicely written Rashmi!! Such a cute love storyπŸ’•

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