Saturday, 2 April 2016

Marks based education system

The 2nd PUC chemistry paper of Karnataka state board got leaked and there was another exam conducted on 31st March. The paper got leaked again and now they say that the exam will be conducted once again in the month of April.

Even in the past students have faced this and it is really frustrating to write re exams.

Few people say that the entire PUC board is under the control of tuition mafia. I am sure this is the case with different states as well. For those who do not know pre university course is abbreviated as PUC and refers to the 11th and 12th standard studies in Karnataka.

Every student joins up for a tuition class after college hours.The tuition courses are costly which is legally banned. Teachers do not teach anything in colleges and ask students to join their classes. The students are made to believe that if he/ she is not taking tuitions then they will score less.

Another new scheme is to open colleges and say no need of extra tuition classes and college classes are sufficient to score good marks. But then the fees are high which is a burden for the middle class parent's.

Sometimes the benefit of all this is that students also get a leaked paper for the money that they pay.

The entire education system is based on marks. I am not really sure how we can totally remove this but  I don't understand why everything is based only on marks. If you don't score well in PUC (science stream) you will not get a good medical or an engineering seat in a good college. If you do not get admitted to a good engineering college you will not be able to attend on campus drives or get placed in a good company. If you don't get placed in a good company your package will be less or you may remain jobless if your marks are less.

Good companies ask for all academic certificates so study well and score good marks right from 1st standard so that you will be able to do well in all board exams.  This is the mindset of the people in India.

When the private companies recruit they have their own examination systems to evaluate the candidate.

In one of the article that I read recently the writer says that all exams should be conducted online. I really appreciate this idea as the system is already there for exams such as GRE, CAT etc and is doing well.

Student should be allowed to take exams online where in the question paper is assembled randomly from question Bank and will be different for each student.

Also the exam date should be given to the students to choose from the selected dates as decided by the board. If a student is sick or has any personal emergency at home he/she can enroll for the exam on some other day. This would certainly help students to be relaxed.

The student should be given every right to get assessed when he/she is ready. There should be an attempt made to remove stress related to exams. Marks of a particular exam should not be considered as a final result. That is to say if a student performs bad for the first time that does not mean he/she cannot perform well for the second time. I know there will be set of students who will take disadvantages of this system but at least it will help the deserving students.

Intense pressure on students in schools and colleges can backfire leading to stress.

I hope we see changes in the education system in the coming years in India.

Do write back to me with suggestions.

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