Monday, 7 December 2015

Odd and even number rule

All the odd and even numbered vehicles to be allowed on alternate days from January 1st 2016 in Delhi. Most of my friends want this rule to be adapted in bangalore as well.

What if this rule gets adapted in Bangalore ?

  • Bad roads and circular city. Travelling by public transport will take you hours to reach your destination. Private vehicles will make you reach faster.
  • They say if you throw a stone in Bangalore, it will either hit a dog or an engineer. All the engineers will demand for work from home option on alternate days.
  • The rule will end up being costly for all ladies who travel from work at night in their cars.
  • People who can afford two cars will definitely go for it, resulting in huge profit to all the vehicle manufacturing companies.
  • I am a software engineer and my work has no time, I am required to stay in office till 11pm. I start at 11pm and it takes atleast 1 hour to reach my home without traffic. Then what do I do when the clock strikes 12 o'clock. I am not Cinderella. After 12 my car becomes illegal on the road.
  • Like somebody rightly said a city can be considered to have good transport system if all rich class people travel by public transport, but commuting still remains a major problem in Bangalore. Majority of Bangaloreans who travel by public transport do not prefer volvos as it is expensive.
  • Now say all have agreed to take the public transport . But then the public transport infrastructure cannot even manage the current crowd then how will it manage with those extra people travelling in it who previously used to travel by own vehicle.
  • What if people keep changing number plates or just pay 100rs fine for travelling by even numbered car on odd day or vice versa and keep showing the same challan everytime.
  • I have an odd numbered car and it's an even numbered day, my baby is down with fever so should I call an ambulance just because the rule does not apply to ambulance. 
  • Just because I can drive my car on alternate days does that also mean I can pay the half the amount of tax.
  • Is there anyone to monitor the traffic police from not being bribed.

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