Sunday, 22 November 2015

English Phrases in India

                                                            English Phrases in India

Here are the commonly used phrases that are used and made only by Indians.

First Class - This is the reply when someone asks "how are you?"

Mad or what - Instead of saying are you crazy, this phrase is used.

'Full' comedy - Used when 'funny' is not just funny and is 'funniest' and you are running short of words.

'Fulto' action film - If there is a lot of action scenes in the movie, you just say fulto action film.

No 'Ya'/ Yes 'ya' / No 'na'/ Yes 'na' - Ya/na is Commonly used with No and yes. After every little sentence this addition of na or ya has no relevance but just for the sake of it, everyone uses it.  

Simply 're' - This is another way of showing you are humble/modest or gratitude/respect. Why did you do this? -Answer is simply re.

Poor joke -  Used to describe bad joke.

That 'toh' i know - Most common and popular Hinglish word of all times.This "toh" I knew, He "toh" is very rude.

'Sabse' Best friend - Best is already a superlative degree to describe someone of the highest cadre and an addition of "sabse" merely adds a feeling to this sentiment of being the best friend.

What is your good name? - The translation of a popular Hindi saying "Aapka shubh naam" .

Hello Sir "Ji" - Addition of "Ji" as a sign of respect out of our strong Indian tradition.

Ok boss-  Right from the waiter to the bus conductor, everyone is referred to as Boss.

Boss'a' - Add a suffix 'a' to boss gives more respect specially in south India.

Correct 'aa'/ Correct 'ra'- Adding suffix 'aa' 'raa' is again common in south India with any given word.

Why 'ya ba' - Another way of asking or showing frustration.

Why 'yaar'  - Showing love/care to your friend.

'Chal', i wil see you tomorrow - Instead of saying 'let's go now' chal is used.

'Pakka' i will be there - Pakka word is used for confirmation.

You love me 'na' - 'haan' i ofc do - na and haan for confirmation again.

Hungry 'kya'/tired 'kya' - showing concern, forming interrogative sentences.

A-1 - Things to be considered of highest quality.

Cent-percent - to express that it is hundred percent true.

Time-pass - to say that its 'nothing important'.

Time-waste - this is worse than time pass, doing something you dont even enjoy.

Do one thing - English translation of ek kaam karo.

Himalayan blunder - very big mistake of the size of Himalayan mountain

Status family - To say that the family is dignified and wealthy.

'We are like that only' -  English translation of 'hum toh aise hi hai', meaning we will never change.

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