Friday, 2 October 2015

You make us proud

Our country is full of extraordinary , talented and truly inspiring people.
I have made a list of 4 people who have made me proud.
All 4 of them are my childhood friends and they are truly amazing.

Sarah D’souza :

She is the director and co-founder at  Biosyl Technologies. The goal of Biosyl Technologies is to become the leader in the manufacturing and marketing in the life science/Biotech industry by providing innovative ideas and creative solutions in biotechnology and also to cater to quality analysis and contract research. Happy to say that Biosyl Technologies is the winner of the prestigious TATA FIRST DOT Judge’s Choice Award 2013 and is ranked among India’s Top 40 Innovators at the i3 National Fair.

Entrepreneurship has no bar on age, but  you get  really surprised to see some youngsters making it big as entrepreneurs. Part of her journey is documented in "The Underage CEO's" by Ganesh V. Grab your copy on amazon and get inspired.

Laxmi Thakur:

She is an intern at Aajtak and show presenter at GEMPORIA which is a jewellery shopping channel. Watch her show once and you will definitely become her fan.

When she was working in a TV channel,she had to meet actors on a daily basis and introduce herself. Every person who met her gave her suggestions and asked her to change her name. Some told her that 'your name doesn’t suit your look, it’s a combination of modernity and traditionalism’. Then there was a director who told her 'you know what, you should change your name and try acting.’ All these suggestions were never on her list.

There have been so many celebrities who change their name for publicity and many other reasons.
Laxmi is not one of them. She truly believes that her name is her identity. She says "Be proud of what you are, see how you shine and add glory to your name because it’s just not a name ,it’s your name".

Ramya Hanumsagar :

She is a very young bridal make-up artist who has been identified as one of the best make-up artists in Bangalore.

She is very creative with her styling and up to date on the latest trends. She spends time researching on the best hair styles to go with the face. When she is at work, it’s all about tailoring to individuals needs and expectations. What I like about her is she makes you glow in your own skin.
Check her page on fb, here's the link

Candida Louis:

A Motocyclist on a Mission to Conquer the Roads of India on her Royal Enfield Bullet.
Read yourself and get inspired, here's the link
Best wishes with you candida.

Sarah, Laxmi, ramya and candida you all have made us proud with your sincere determination and serious efforts. With high sprits and great zeal, keep doing the good work.

Well done and congratulations on your success! 

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