Friday, 29 May 2015

A Real life Incident!!

Life is all about expecting the unexpected...!!

28th April 1.18am 
I was chatting on whatsapp and suddenly something fell very badly on my feet. The sound itself was terrifying and more than that I could hear Richa my roommate screaming on top of her voice. Lights were off and I could not see anything. I was in pain. I was not able to lift or move my leg. I somehow managed to switch on the lights and I could see that our ceiling had collapsed.
Richa had closed her eyes and refused to get up from her place.She thought it was a natural disaster and believed that we were going to die. When she opened her eyes she ran out asking for help. She began to tremble with fear and I was equally scared. I ran inside,picked up my phone, wiped its screen and gave a call to my friends for help. I could not explain the situation. I just told them our ceiling had collapsed.

28th April 1.30am
I did not even realize that it was 1.30 am night. Richa felt better after sometime. I was in pain so I told her to give a call to our landlord. Our neighbors knocked the door to see what was happening. They saw it and said don't worry. Sleep well nothing will happen. Mumbai he, yaha sab kuch hota he.We had just escaped from a disaster and they did not seem to be bothered. Our friends cum colleagues reached as well our landlord . They helped us in getting our things out and making space for us in the common room to sleep.

Thankful to Rajeev, Harsh, Mandeep, Rohit and Anand for reaching on time and giving us moral support. Shruti and surbhi thank you for your messages which made us feel good.
Five min before the ceiling fell, my head was just below it and I do not know what made me sleep on the other side.

Live and enjoy each and every moment of your is too short to blame or fight with your beloved ones.... I fought with my mom the previous day for waking me up in the morning..She had called to ask if I am reply to her was what can happen to me, I am at home. Friends next time when your beloved ones call you at the wrong time..Dont get disturbed....they do it just because they love you....

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