Sunday, 12 April 2015

Daddy's Birthday!!

Dear Daddy, 

I still remember the day when you dropped me to pre-nursery school, I was crying.
Your heart was heavy but you never showed it, instead you made me be strong.
You did face the same situation years later.
You dropped me to the hostel and it was time for you to leave.
You were in pain and I could see that in your eyes, you pretended to be strong.
I could see how difficult it was for you.
And finally on the day of my marriage, you just said "you mean the world to me". I could see the tears in your eyes during kanyadaan and bidaai but you were trying to hide it.
Thank you dad for being so supportive in all my decisions.
No matter how old we get, you will always remain my 'hero dad' and i will always remain your 'little girl'.

Happy Birthday pappa !!

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