Sunday, 12 April 2015

All the good things about him

Last year this day he proposed to me, I cannot tell you how important the day was for me.

I really do not know if our decision was right but yeah i wouldn't have got a better man.

Let me tell you the good things about him.

Many prefer to give roses, flowers, chocolates to their gals which i never appreciate.

The very first time he gave me set of books, dry fruits which were useful and that made me feel so good.

The second time I met him he got me a watch which was yet another useful gift.

I wanted him to stay with me and he took two full leaves which I am sure was not easy for him then. 

The third time again when I wished to meet him, that was probably the wrong time because he had no leaves left after the long Ganesh festival, he still took a day's off  for me.

Everyone had to push him to take me out but the reason he preferred to stay at home was to make my dad feel comfortable, yet another lovable quality of yours which no man has.

After marriage it was not really easy for me to move out of Mumbai.

Toughest part was to leave my wonderful colleagues and friends behind to start a new life.
But he took a lot of care to help me get adjusted to this place by dropping me to my new workplace at Bangalore.
I know how difficult was to travel 35 kms and then again back to his workplace place for 15 kms on bike.

He was always there by my side to make me feel special when I had a bad day at office.

Even if I feel low at 3am in the morning or 3 pm in the afternoon he is always there to make me feel good.

He sings for me though he has a 'not so good voice' (now that is better way of saying its bad) just to get back that smile on my face.

Sometimes he surprises me with a delicious lunch, dinner and breakfast.
Sometimes he lets me have the last bite though he is still hungry.
Sometimes he lets me sleep on his shoulder or chest but he does not wake me up so that i have a good sleep even though it hurts.

Dearest Hubby,

You are undoubtedly a great brother, husband and a son.
You do a lot of lovely things for me and I cannot tell how good I feel about it.

Thank you for all the lovely times and moments.

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