Friday, 10 October 2014

VTU and its side effects!!

This post is going to be useful for those students who are going to join Engineering colleges affiliated to VTU.
VTU syllabus is not a very good syllabus but it is definitely not bad. The problem with VTU is actually not the syllabus but the colleges that are affiliated to VTU. The new developing colleges have less experienced faculty.

There are reasons for this:
 1. People who join out of their own interest: These are the dedicated teachers who always wanted to enter teaching profession.
2. Need a peaceful life and do not want to join the industries: These teachers may or may not be good at teaching.
3. No campus placement : These are good students who do not get placed as there is no campus placement. They turn out to be the best teachers as they want to prove themselves. They keep themselves updated.
4. People who can't find any other jobs: They are one of those who were of such bad quality that no one else wanted them. It’s not that they are bad but its lack of interest. They are too lazy to teach or take up any other task.
If people under the fourth category are asked to set question papers and then evaluate the answer scripts, the result is impacted.
The evaluators expect textbook definitions, textbook diagrams. The whole examination system shifts its focus to "how much of this text book can you remember?”
The end result is the top rankers are the ones who are best at memorizing answers, not necessarily the best engineers in a class.

What the students need to do:
There will be a lot of technical fests, competitions on both national and international scales. There will be opportunities to intern at an industry. There are a lot of such things that you can do to add value to your resume. Do as many of these as you can. Also conducts fests in your college. Join the organizing committee. Participate in sports as well as cultural fests.

Value of 15: Do not mess with your faculty. The engineering course under VTU is designed that way. They are the people who can give you 15 marks in internals which are very important. There are students who fail because they got less in internals inspite of doing well in their external exams.
Interact with students of same branch studying in different colleges. Talk to your seniors , they are the best people who can guide you. Learn from their mistakes.

I read this somewhere thought of sharing it here
Students studying VTU syllabus should have: 
Right against exploitation: Stop imposing "fines" and "fees" for unreasonable things
Right to information: Demand to know what the university and college does with your money.
Right to protection from harassment: Demand a strict code of conduct that dictates how a lecturer can and cannot behave with his students.

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