Friday, 10 October 2014

Pens and Pencils

Managing pens, pencils and erasers is one of the toughest task for parents. My mom takes tuition for kids and she always complains that they chew the pencils, break it half or lose it and sometimes even steal a neighbor’s pencil. They waste time sharpening the pencil, cutting the erasers etc.

I am sure everyone of us have gone through this phase of life and have faced the pencil challenge. I call it challenge because my mom and my teacher both used to say “No more pencil if you lose this”. My neighbor had this bad habit of stealing pencils. So I would write my name on pencils and erasers, even then she did not stop taking my things. I was so upset that I wanted to change my classroom.

Little did I know that stealing is common and normal behavior of all kids below the age of seven. Children are generally self-centered. Whatever they see they feel like owning it. My neighbor aunty was so worried about her kid stealing in school. She said  “aaj chote cheeze churata hai, bada hokar bank lootega”. My mom convinced her saying “children who steal grow up to be law abiding citizens. Stealing is very normal in childhood but it must corrected then and there”.

Despite of all the modern advances in technology, no one could ever come out with non-destroying pencil or erasers. However you can get tips on managing pencils/erasers/pens.

When an ink pen replaced pencil it made a very big difference in my life. I was proud to own a pen and write with it. Students of standard IV were allowed to use ink pens. That indicated the status of being grown up. I still remember when someone called me a kid I back answered them saying I write with a pen and I am not a kid anymore.

I am sure you have faced similar situations in your childhood. Share your experiences!
I would also like to hear pencil, erasers managing strategies so that it would be useful to the teachers and parents reading this article and facing the problem. 


  1. my kids loses her pencil in really worried help me out