Friday, 10 October 2014

College wale friends

One morning, we gathered at the corridor of our classroom (this was our adda, meeting point).We were a group of eight girls. Two of them were very studious. We all decided to do something interesting that day. One of them said ‘Road trip’, but all of us did not have a vehicle so we had to go for another idea.

The second idea was to go to a friend’s home which was close to our college and watch a movie. We had to bunk two classes for this and attend classes in the afternoon. The two girls did not appreciate this idea as they wanted to complete their home assessments in break. Later all of us agreed and we left to our friend’s place.

We had a great time there and enjoyed the delicious food stuffs. It was time for us to return and all of us looked sad. We had no other option as all of us were in low attendance category for HINDI class.
Thanks to our bad luck, we missed the local bus and the next bus was half an hour late. We were not able to find auto rickshaws as well. The Hindi class was at 1.30pm and it was already 1.15pm. The studious girls were upset. Finally we got two autos and managed to reach our college. It was 1.40pm by then. We thought of making an entry by the back door when the sir would start writing on the board and occupy the last bench.

The last but one bench students were giving us instructions and one by one we entered. We asked the two studious short girls to enter first. They were followed by medium heighted girls and last were two tall girls. The last bench could occupy only six, but seven could somehow manage. But we were eight and we had to adjust. Everyday students would skip Hindi class but that day our class had made a history. Full attendance and all the desks were occupied. I was the last girl to enter the class and the sir turned around. Before he could see me I sat on the floor.  Sir could not see me as the classroom was big enough and I was occupying one of the corners. The students who had seen me entering the class burst into laughter. I did not know what to do and also could not stop smiling. My seven girls were proud of me as if I had done some brave deed by sitting on the floor and hiding from sir. They raised their hands to give me a thumbs sign. After sometime sir again turned to write on the black board and I adjusted myself on the bench. At the back side of the classroom laughter erupted like a volcano and the sir had to shout out: ‘Silence!’

Sir asked my friend to answer a question to bring back silence in the class. ‘Last bench ki ladkiyan, red chunni madam, aap answer kijiye jara’. As she stood up we again adjusted ourselves on the bench, leaving no place for her to sit down. After she had finished, sir said ‘sahi jawab’. She was not able to decide whether she had to nod her head up or down or shake it. She wanted to sit down but there was no place for her. One of us whispered ‘godhi mein bait jaa’. She desperately wanted the bell to ring right then.

‘Homework complete kardena’ he said before leaving the classroom. Our fun for that class had come to an end.

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  1. very well written..i went back to my college days