Friday, 11 July 2014

The Addicted

Facebook , Whatsapp has become an important part of our life along twitter , other social networking sites and messengers . With close to a billion users, one can easily throw a stone and hit a social networking user. The amount of time users engage in these activities, like updating statuses, updating profile pictures, posting photos, commenting and ‘liking’ posts has also been increasing with smartphones and 3G/Wi-fi networks.


The status updater:

These are the people who update status once in an hour. So you get to know if they have brushed their teeth, stuck in a traffic jam, taken a lift, had lunch with friends, home alone, feeling sleepy or simply starring at the walls. They make sure to update everything and clearly. Sometimes if they have nothing to post then they copy paste the whole lyrics of some song as their status. I don’t understand what that means. Sometimes they update which no one understands. This is done intentionally so that comments increase. To increase the number of likes they get a gang of friends ready. Once the status is updated, the gang starts liking, the reader unaware of this also likes seeing the number of likes.

The commentator:

This person has only one aim in life and that is to like as many posts as possible. They will comment on every post possible just to make their presence felt. Just to increase the number of comments, they post smiley in one and the comment in another.


The news reporter: They declare news like “XYZ is dead” even before he/she is dead.

The photo Uploader:

These people are addicted to uploading pictures of all possible events taking place in their life, the new haircut, their new dress, pictures in trial room, visit to grocery shop, lunch, dinner, pictures at workplace, fun with friends, pictures with pets at home, the friendly neighbor and the not so friendly one. You will not only get to see their holiday pictures but also what they ate.

The Gamer:

The mafia wars, the Farmville, the poker mania, the fish aquariums, and the scrabble word games. These are few games that are played on facebook and the whole friend’s list is notified. Adding to these is the game requests sent by the users. Then there is a status update saying “One more game request I get from  you and you are dead”.

The Report Generator:

This girl or guy has the best report generated for him/her through the websites. The quizzes show that he/she is 99% friendly, 90% adorable, 85% intelligent etc.

The shy guy:

This person never appears in your newsfeed, nor comes online. He silently reads all your status updates, but does not let anyone know about things happening in his personal life. But when you meet him face to face, he will point out and say “ aap toh hamesha online rehte ho, mujhe toh time hi nahi milta online aane ka, I am too busy with my work” . I would just like to ask such people one question, “if you are not online , how did you get to know that I am online”.

The poker: This person keeps poking you everytime.

The social cause’s sender: He truly believes that he can change the world by assembling enough support to his causes.

The link sender: This person keeps sending you links.

The group joiner: This person is fan of everything and joins every group.


The mad rush to add more friends: The contention on who has more friends may just be your personal quest to be seen as more ‘popular’. So this person is very keen on sending and accepting friend requests.


Social networking poses a special danger of sorts to those of us with "addictive" personalities. Beware!!



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