Friday, 11 July 2014

Mumbai Local Trains

“No place is as random as Mumbai — from its people to its traffic to its slums, but in the midst of this chaos, there is still a melodious rhythm to it all.” says Jasmine Desai. “The city that never sleeps”, “The city of Dreams”, well Mumbai truly justifies the tags given to it by millions of visitors. I have lived in Mumbai for close to eighteen and a half months. I would say the city has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions, superb chats, nightlife and entertainment. Mumbai is one of India's largest city and it’s most diverse, cosmopolitan and westernised. There is this Bollywood film industry, some of the India’s most beautiful hotels and India's leading industrial and financial – all against a backdrop of extreme poverty. 

Everything keeps changing here so fast that you can call Mumbai a very dynamic place, but yeah there is one thing that keeps going the way it does is the classical Mumbai Local Train.

My experiences in Mumbai Local Trains :

·         The loud horn of the approaching local pushes the crowd a few millimeters back.

·         The people clinging to the doors of the approaching train jump before the train comes to a halt, crashing into those who are waiting for their turn to get into the train. This jump is necessary, for if one does not jump, then he/she will be thrown out.

·         As soon as any door is within the reach, the number of people jumping in is equal to / greater than the number of people jumping out of the train at the same time, all this while the train is still moving.

·         People who get in first; run in straight towards the walking area.

·         In order to get down where you want , you need to make preparations well before.
 You need to tap at the backs of the people you have to overtake in order to reach the door.
             Then wait for your turn calmly to get down of the moving train.

·         Wallets, cellphones, earphones, anything and everything have to be in the front pockets else you will be a victim of pick-pocket.

The experience of travelling in Mumbai local trains can be funny, joyful, frustrating and frightening too. Mumbai train system is its lifeline.

There are some things that I learnt from these Train rides:

·        Always be on time: As Mumbai is a city that keeps running, the same goes with its local trains, So you cannot be late and miss the train.

·         Be calm all the time and patience is the virtue: Right from the time you get into the train to the time you get out of the train, you need to be patient. It’s more like you are competing to get in, competing to stay in and competing to get out

·        Utilize the time: I have seen many students preparing for exams, passengers reading newspaper, reading novels, books etc.

·         Have fun all the time: Learn to have fun while travelling; you are bound to do well.

·         Be brave and confident but do not act like a superman:  Get into the train carefully, be brave but not over confident. This may result in accidents.

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