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Love Story - Episode 9

Episode – 9

I said, "Nethra, please don't talk non sense. Adithi and Mithra are the same to me. I trust God. You'll come back. You're the only one in my life"

She said, "A woman would love to hear this from her husband. I would be happy if I survive. Arjun, I love you, I wanna live with you in your love for infinite years. When I wanted to die I was saved and now when I wanna live I'm gonna die. I had repugnance towards life until you came into my life. I never thought love can be so good. You taught me what love is, what happiness is and what life is. You changed my seasons; you gave me reasons to smile, to laugh, to love and to live.

Now I like this life and I don't want to die so early. I never got what I wanted. The life with you till now is what I have been longing and yearning for all the days of my life. Parents like your parents, a husband like you who holds me in the palms of his hand and protects me like an apple of his eyes, children like you and me. I don't wanna die but live Arjun, I want to live this life. I want to live with you"

Sobbing she continued, "Whatever it is, God bless you and thanks a lot for you gave me a life in heaven. Though I don't want to die, I will still be happy if ill fate takes me because I lived a life to my heart's content"

As she was saying this, mom entered and I said, "Mom, she is scared to death and I can't console her or give her confidence"

Mom took her hands in hers and said, "Nethra, I spoke to the doctors they said this hospital is equipped with the latest instruments and the best doctors in town. You don't have to be scared or worried. As desired I'm gonna see my grandchild soon. After few years you're gonna give me another grandchild and I'm gonna raise them up. Don't worry about anything. Put your trust in God" saying this she kissed her forehead and stroked her gently.

I know my mom's kiss pacifies her and she was calm and said to me, "Please be with me"

I said, "It is my duty and responsibility to be with you in times of trouble and pain. Don't worry I'll be with you"

A couple of nurses brought the stretchers and took her to the operation theaters. I was with her holding her hands till she became unconscious. I wanted to cry aloud, I needed somebody to console me saying "She'll be safe" I had never felt like this before. Though Mom, Adithi and Mithra were present, nobody had the guts or courage to talk to be me as I was so depressed and dejected.

Little later I heard the cry of my little one; few minutes passed and a nurse came out; she placed my little one in my hands and said "It's a girl" I was happy yet I was looking at her with lots of queries and expectation for news about Nethra but without saying anything she left the place.

I kissed my little angel and hugged her to my bosom and held her tightly. She shook her body and her little hand hit my chest. I felt like she was consoling me, I felt like she's saying "It's alright dad, everything's gonna be fine soon. Mom is gonna comeback alive" I felt a great consolation and it's an unrivaled solace too. There is no match for the consolation, comfort and confidence she gave me that moment.

No one can ever give it again.

I felt happy and I blindly trusted that Nethra will come back.

Sometime later the doctor patted my back and said she's safe and out of danger.

I went near her and I wept with joy, it was such an emotion that I can't express in words but it can only be felt. The fear just vanished and I felt so... so good and happy. She woke up and smiling she asked, "Where is mom?" I kissed her forehead and said, it is a girl and mom is busy with her granddaughter. Wait I'll call her" saying this I ran to the verandah and called my mom. She came in along with Adithi and Mithra and gave my little angel to her and asked her to feed her.

Nethra took her, kissed her and fed her. Adithi and Mithra enquired about her health. My mom said, "I'm very happy to see both of you out of danger"

Nethra said, "Mom, you have to raise her up, wise, loving, patient, caring, affectionate, mischievous and naughty like Arjun. Teach her the rich heritage and cultural values of our country; specially the values of a family. Teach us parenting as well"

Mom said, "Sure and she left the room" with Adithi and Mithra.

She asked me to sit on the cot and she gave her to me. As I took my little one from Nethra, her hand got caught in Nethra's mangal sutra.

As Nethra was took out her hand she said, "Love gives meaning to everything even metals and stones"

I held her in one bosom and my little angel on the other and asked, "What does it mean to you?"

She said, "It means love and life. I love you. Arjun for this love you shower on me, my heart says you can do anything for this Man. I'm a slave to your love"

I kissed and said, "Love you too. You're not a slave but my queen" and looking at my little girl I said, "She is my little princess" As I said this, my little girl gave a small smile for a micro second with her tiny lips as if she was hearing to our conversation. I asked, so what shall we christen our angel?"

Nethra said, "POORNA"

Smiling I said, "My mother's name, lovely, but how will we address her"

She said, "Yeah, mom's name because POORNA means complete and fullness. Your mother and our daughter make our lives complete and let's fondly call her as Cuckoo or tweety"

I said, "Great, she'll be our little mom from now on"

Holding both of my angels on either of my bosom is one of the loveliest moments in my life.

          " THE END "              

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