Sunday, 27 July 2014

Love story - Episode 7

Episode  7 :

The second day of our honeymoon went on like this with a little improvement of sleeping together facing each other without any hesitation. She woke up early the third day. Sweet sound of her anklets woke me but I was pretending to sleep and I was observing her. She ordered for coffee and was trying to wake me up. She got her face near my face but took it back. Few moments later she came near to kiss my forehead but she didn't, I opened my eyes and said, "Leave off your shyness and kiss me dear" sheepishly smiling she said, "Good morning" and handed me a cup of coffee. I knew she started to love me but was reluctant to reveal it.

We went for the third day's outing and she started to walk holding my hands and allowed me to wrap my hands on her shoulder. There was progression in our intimacy and we captured it in the photo snaps. This day went on as usual with a little improvement of wrapping our hands and legs around each other.

Though longing and yearning welled up in my heart, I enjoyed this waiting. It was an interesting and exciting experience to make her bloom herself. The fourth day's outing went on like this and in the night she asked me, "It's boring, Can we play something?"

I said, "Okay, let me check if the billiards pool or any recreation centre is open in the hotel at this point of time"

She said, "Let's play an indoor game"

I said, "Oh, we don't have chess board or carom here. What do we play?"

She said, "Hide and seek"

I laughed loudly and said, "Hide and seek interesting. Okay who is gonna hide and who is gonna seek?"

She said, "I'm gonna hide and you're gonna seek" saying this she tied my eyes and pulled my hands to my back and tied them together.

I asked, "When was then rule changed. I know hide and seek where only eyes were tied but why hands?"

She said, "what if you take out the eye band with your hands before I hide and find out my hiding place?"

I asked, "Okay, but anyway I have to take it out myself once you're hid"

She said, "Oh yeah, I didn't think about it. Okay you start counting by the time I will hide and think on how to release your hands as well"

I said, "Okay, count till how many?"

She said, "100"

Hmmm funny I started counting, "one, two, three.................. forty, forty one............. Seventy, seventy one.................. ninety nine, hundred. I was counting and at the same time thinking where is she gonna hide and I listed the places to check - the cupboards, under the cot, balcony, bathroom that's it. No more place to hide in the room. I asked, "Nethra, I'm done. Shall I Come?"

No response from her…..


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