Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A letter to my mom


With you I never have to hide anything..

You understand my unspoken words...

When something is troubling me, you are always there to listen to me...

With every passing day i realize that you are and will always be the best friend I have had.

A lot of things have changed in the past one and a half year...

I miss those evening chit chatting..

You would be cooking and i would trouble you

and make you listen to all my foolish stories..

I understand that i do not give you enough time these days,

but believe me every single day reminds me of those wonderful evenings with you at home.

I miss the morning breakfast at 7.30am, i miss the lunch box at 1pm,

I miss the lovely tiffin at 4pm,

I miss the snacks at 7pm,

and I miss the dinner at 9pm....

Morning breakfast, those lovely chapathi's, dosa's , idli's, puri's,

uppit, poha etc. which i hated in the early morning...

I realize it now when i am hungry and there is nothing to eat..

Every night when i am late home and i have to cook for myself and i am reminded

of those garma garam pulkas and sabji that you used to prepare for me.

You would wake up early morning to prepare my afternoon meals,

I always troubled you to google new recipes as i did not want to get bored

of same old dishes.

you never said no.

I realize it now when i have to eat the same boring dishes every day.

I Miss those time to time meals

I remember you waking me up...

It used to be so difficult for you.

Building ke bacche uth jaate the aapke aawaaz se,

but i never took the trouble to wake up on time.

I realize it now when there is no one to wake me up.

I may not like you all the time, we do have a lot of fights and arguments,

but there's one thing you need to know is that i may not agree with you in words

but in mind i am always sure that you are right and i am wrong.

Your loving touch makes me forget all the pain, your words wipe my tears.

A lot of things have changed, but there is something that will always remain the same

It's the special bond that we share, that keep us close

No matter where we are!!

There are no words to thank you..

Your love , care and blessings are so valuable.

Having a mother like you is the best gift i have ever received from GOD.

People who meet me now wonder how such a stubborn, adamant, fearlessly reckless,

the one who always acted spontaneously without thinking has turned out to be a good human being.

I simply smile at them and say the reason behind this is my mother.

Since the day I was small, till the day i grew tall,

Your love has never fallen short,

You have always been my inspiration,

When others called me crazy, you called me creative,

When others made me realize of my impossibilities, you made me achieve those dreams,

When others discouraged me, you were always there like a strong pillar of support,

Your constant encouragement, love and support has helped me to grow what I am now.

Thank you for everything!!

Love you always :)

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