Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Training Batchmates Story

The first day!!

Ridhima had got her joining in Chennai. She was not very happy about it but decided to join as the rest of the companies had not sent the offer letter.

The first day at training she met her batchmates. Few were from her state Karnataka. Varun, Kritika belonged to Punjab. Navneet, Anisha, Veronica, Avinav belonged to her state. Ritwik, Vishal and Sanya belonged to Maharashtra.

All the training batchmates formed a group on facebook. Days passed and all of them became good friends.
Right from the first day Navneet had a crush on Veronica. Veronica did talk to him thinking he was a good guy but was never serious about him. Navneet followed her everywhere he could.

Ridhima and Avinav’s conversation!!

Avinav sent a facebook message to Ridhima.

Avinav- Hey Ridhima! I am going to ask you something and please promise me that you are not going to share it with anyone.

Ridhima- Yeah sure. Tell me.

Avinav-My friend has a huge crush on Kritika and wants to know if she is single.

Ridhima- Your friend is our training batchmate? What’s his name?

Avinav- Yes. I am not supposed to say that to you.

Ridhima thought for a while whether to disclose it to her batchmates as well roommates who had become her best buddies in few days.

Ridhima replied to Avinav saying “I am not supposed to say that to you”.

Avinav- Tell what you know atleast.

Ridhima very well knew that Kritika was committed but was not sure if she could disclose this to Avinav or not.

Guess the name!! 

Ridhima asked Kritika at the dining if she could disclose the matter to Avinav.

Anisha, Veronica, Sanya all of them said not to say anything to Avinav and his friends.
Like all girls do even these group of girls began to guess.

Anisha –Who might have crush on Kritika?

Ridhima-May be Avinav only.

Veronica-I guess Avinav has a crush on Sanya. I don’t think it’s him.

Anisha- I guess its Vishal.

Sanya- no re….Vishal has a girl friend. I don’t think its him.

Anisha-May be its Navneet.

Ridhima -Nope. It cannot be him. He likes Veronica I guess.

Kritika – I guess its Varun.

Veronica- No I think Varun likes Anisha.

Kritika-Hmm…yeah…today Varun in the canteen said to me “let me sit with Anisha”. May be he likes Ani.

Sanya –Then who?

Ridhima- Yaar. Today in our class, Kritika’s pen Top(dakkhan) had fallen down and Ritwik had picked it up for her with a smile on his face. It might be its Ritwik.

Sanya-Han…Yeah may be.

Anisha- Yes. Yes. Its him only. Even I have noticed.

All girls concluded that it was Ritwik who had a crush on Kritika.

Was he Ritwik?
Kritika was in confusion all day.

In the evening Sanya told Avinav that Ridhima had told about the guy’s crush on Kritika.
Avinav got annoyed and did not want to speak to Ridhima.

All that Sanya wanted to know was the name of the guy who had a crush on Kritika.
The next day all the girls kept their eyes and ears open just to make out who the guy was.
Everyone were asked to assemble in the conference room. Only two were missing.

Ritwik- Where is Varun?

Ridhima-Where is Anisha?

Sanya-Both of them are missing.

Kritika-Are they together?

Vishal- Yes. I saw them going to cafeteria.

Veronica –Ohh. Ahem ahem.

Once Anisha and Varun were back they were shooted with too many questions.

Ridhima- Ani, where were you? I called you and you cut my call. You did not even bother to text me.

Kritika – We were so worried. The campus is so big, don’t roam around alone.

Anisha- Chill. I was with Varun. He is a nice guy. He offered me an ice-cream and I could not say no to him.

Sanya- Are you crazy? He said so and you went just for an ice-cream. That’s ridiculous.

Veronica-If Varun likes Anisha, then who has a crush on Kritika.

Kritika-Chalo chodo. I am least bothered.

Anisha-But we all are waiting to know the name of the guy.

Ridhima- I feel its Avinav. Let me ask him again.

Sanya- No wait. You are not going to ask him anything.


Sanya-He is angry that you disclosed the matter to us.

Ridhima- What? how did he come to know that i have told you all?

Sanya- I told him.

Ridhima-Shit! He must be angry on me. That is why he did not talk to me today.

Ridhima on facebook chat, in conversation with Avinav.

Ridhima- Hi Avinav


Ridhima-I just got to know that..... Sanya told you everything.....

Avinav- Hmm.....

Ridhima- Please don't be angry.I just did because I felt that was right. I thought of asking her..... if I could tell you about her relationship with Aakash.

Avinav-Kritika is committed? Who is the guy? Varun will be really hurt.

Ridhima- Was he Varun? Gotcha...Thank You...

Few months later!!

Last day of training at Chennai.

Ritwik- Aaj last day hai hamara. 

Sanya- Han yar... pata hi nahi chala.. days passed by so soon.

Anisha-We had so much fun.

Navneet-I hope to get a good project now.

Vishal- kya project project karta rehta hai yeh.

Veronica- Crush incident was too good. Varun had crush on Kritika. LOL

Varun- Please ha...i had crush on her...lekin that was for few days only..mereko roz pyar ho jata hai
Its old story now.

Kritika- Bhag Jaa....Hurrr...

All of them burst into laughter.

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