Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Fire Drill is Worse Than the Fire

I work in an organization where fire drill is conducted once in six months.
It may have happened to you as well at some point of time if you are also a part of such organization.
Many people panic when a fire drill happens. All work stops and time is lost.
The alarms would ring and people would start running down the stairs aimlessly through the emergency exit.
The lift service would no longer be available.
Most would be happy because there won’t be any work for the next one hour.
The funniest part is that they inform the physically challenged, pregnant woman employees earlier and get them out before the drill starts.

Employees are expected to assemble outside the building and the drill session starts.
They ask to line up according to the team or floors they belong to, take photographs and then finally start the session.
They tell what is fire, importance of safety, precautions to be taken care of, blah blah…
None of them listen to them.
I wonder what would actually happen when there is fire.
Employees would run outside to help themselves or ignore saying its just a fire drill.
Then why conduct a fire drill?


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