Saturday, 22 February 2014

Love and Marriage!!

I asked my friend “What is love?
She said to me “ Go to the market, buy the best apple. But there is a rule.  You can go to one shop only once and not visit there twice.
I went to the market , found the best apple in one of the shops, but thought something better might be waiting for me.
Later, I realized that the previous shop apple was better . I knew that in search of the best apple I had missed the best one which I had seen previously.
I began to regret.
I came back to my friend empty handed.
She laughed at me and said “this is love. You looking for a better one , but later  you realize  that you have already missed the best person”.

What is marriage then? I asked her.
She said “Go to the market, buy the biggest jack fruit. The rule remains the same. You can go to one shop only once and not visit there again.
This time I was careful and did not want to repeat the same mistake again.
After visiting two to three shops, in the fourth shop I found the biggest one, which was better than the previous one’s seen.
I quickly purchased it and went back to my friend.
My friend smiled and said “This time you bring the fruit. You look for the one that is nice, you have faith and believe that is the biggest one you get. This is marriage”.

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