Monday, 6 January 2014

The power of an alarm clock

The power of an alarm clock is remarkable. It can induce heights of depression.Early in the morning when an alarm rings, I feel scared, sometimes sick.Only during a holiday, I turn it off and sleep. That really gives me immense pleasure and happiness.

Alarm clock plays this snooze game with us. Many of us overcome this and get up to start the day.
I have a friend of this type, 'Richa'. Her alarm rings at 6.30am and she wakes up by 6.45am.
Though she is unhappy about waking up early in the morning every day, she never ever complains.
She says it's not easy, but we do not have a choice. According to her it is essential for us to defeat the obstacle of the alarm clock.

I still remember those days when waking up early in the morning were extremely difficult.
My mom and dad would keep screaming my name alternatively every five minutes like snooze of an alarm Clock and I would simply ignore.
May be after an hour I would wake up and get ready, sometimes even more.

My mom would keep saying "Do not test my patience every day. There will be a day when your mom will not be by your side to kiss and wake you up".
The impact of these words would remain just for few minutes after it was said.

The day finally arrived when I had to wake up on my own.
There was no dad and mom to stand by my side and say "You are getting late".
No one to pack my tiffin, no one to prepare breakfast, no one to iron my clothes,
No one to drop me to college when I was late.

I soon realized how dependent I was.
Few days later I accepted the fact that I had no other choice and I was now out of the comfort zone.

I had to grow up.  
I had no idea what was going wrong. 
All I knew was that getting out of bed would make things worse.

But I had no choice; I had to go to work.

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