Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Selling Types !!

Shop in the big malls or small shops nearby, we will come across, different varieties of shopkeepers.

This post is about the various types of shopkeepers and their salesmen who make our shopping experience good or bad.

Type 1: We ask for a product and the salesman shows us the product. He does not believe in much customer interaction and just talks to the point. Try asking him for some discount, he will not look up from his bill making process. He will be deeply involved in his own work.

Type 2: We want to buy hair oil. The salesman will say “Madam, for your damaged hair, this conditioner and hair cream is very useful. Try this. I also have the latest range of shampoo which Katrina is promoting. Do use this face wash with hair shampoo. It’s mild and makes your skin really soft”. I do not know what connection face wash has with hair oil and shampoo. We go to his shop to buy one product and come back with five!!!

Type 3: We say, “Bhaiya aur dikhao... Do you have this design in black?” He pretends as if he did not hear anything.

Type 4: Sometimes, we address the shopkeepers as ‘Bhaiya’ and a few are ‘Uncle'’ too, so naturally they call you ‘Sister or Didi! But sometimes few of them get wild and say “I am not your brother”.

Type 5: We buy a thing which costs Rs 999. We pay Rs 1000 and wait. But they close the cash counter firmly and move ahead to wait on the next customer. The shopkeeper does not return this One Rupee to 100 customers in a day, his daily earnings would be Rs 100, and monthly earnings would be Rs 100x30 days= Rs 3000 and look at the yearly earnings from OUR ONE RUPEE. Think about it, the next time!

Type 6: Very slow, lazy bugs. They behave as if we are there to spend the entire life shopping. These shopkeepers just cannot work fast. We need to keep on saying “ zaldi karo”.

Type 7: They welcome, they ask questions, they suggest, they even compliment. In short, they do not keep quiet at all and keep talking all the time. Sometimes, it’s ok to listen to them but at times it can be irritating too.

Type 8: These shopkeepers view themselves as the expert, like to talk about features and benefits, make recommendations, solve problems and are perceived as rational and objective. They start saying "Let me tell you about my product or service."

Type 9: These are the shopkeepers who are never at their shops.We always have to wait outside, look here and there and hope that they see us standing and came back to their work.

Type 10: These are the salesman who are angry, frustrated about something in life and do not answer questions or show products properly.

Type 11: These shopkeepers are good at closing and generating results. They tend to make aggressive offers, sometimes try to close too soon, and are satisfied to make an immediate sale.

Type 12: These are the shopkeepers who tend to ask questions, listen actively, strive for partnerships, and value long-term relationships.

These were just few types of shopkeepers and their salesman…….have you come across any more types?