Monday, 3 December 2012

No one is ever so busy !!

This is about the two old friends of mine. One of them is Ash n the other Vjd. We were together in PU-I and PU-II. Then they got selected in medicals and I took up engineering. The volume of studies in medical course, itself is enough to drive you mad, genuinely leaving you with no time to 'socialize' with your old friends. But, still I'll appreciate these two friends, who never failed to wish me on my birthdays and made it a point to call me or meet me. But, unfortunately, I lost in touch with them for few months as I was busy with my final year of Engineering.

I am happy that the relationship we shared in two years of our pre-university course was warm enough to keep this friendship alive, even when we didn't speak with each other for few months. I randomly made a phone call to Ash, she was sleeping that evening as she had been through a sleepless night preparing for an exam. Even then she recognized my voice immediately, gave that familiar giggle and said "Rashmi…….hii kaisi hain?” It’s a nice feeling, when people remember you, even when you never made any special effort to get that honour. You feel important!

The other day Vjd gave me a call and said “hiii rashmi, happy diwali!! Kaha hain tu n kaisi hain? shaani ek phone nahi kar sakti thi kya?” I realized, time changes but good old friends never change, for she has not changed even a bit. She is the same 16-year old girl whom I met 6 years back.

Who says medical studies leaves you with no time to meet your old friends and relatives. Ash and Vjd, both being in the topper’s list of their respective colleges proves this to be wrong. People who wish to be in touch will always be connected with you. The rest will simply say medical is a tough course, no time for anyone.

Whenever I speak to them, I find their voice full of joy. Some people are blessed with an ever smiling face; and they are one among them. Our friendship is still the same; we do not get to meet each other daily but we always care for each other. We are always there for one another in times of need. Ash and Vjd have strengthened my belief that time changes, things change, priorities change, lives change but few emotions never change.

Finally I would like to end here by saying “No one is ever so busy that they cannot keep in touch with you. If a person wants to, he will definitely find time for you no matter what, be it a medical course or any other graduation course”

Medical studies leaves you with no time to socialize with your old friends…agree or disagree?

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