Thursday, 29 November 2012


‘Engineering’ is considered being a field of brain, technical knowledge, day and night study.

Hundreds of engineering colleges are building in every nook and corner of the states of the India. One such developing engineering colleges of north Karnataka is K.L.E Institute of Technology, Hubli. It was founded in the year 2008 and my batch (2008-2012) being the first batch of this institution KLEIT.

Many friends, juniors and relatives ask me “WHY KLEIT?” so I thought of answering it through this article.

It was May 2008, packed up with all the competitive exams like CET, COMED-K, AIEEE and board exam results, but still enjoying as if life would be the same in the coming months and years. Hardly aware where I would get finally landed up and which engineering college would be my destination.

I had to attend a counseling which would decide the college where I would spend four precious years of my life.

It was the counseling time in order to allot the engineering colleges in Karnataka according to our state ranks.

KLEIT known as BVB2 in those days was added in the list of engineering colleges just few days before the counseling sessions would begin.

Going away from home to a college at a distant place that too for the first time is a tough job. My parents and relatives wanted me to stay in Hubli and pursue my B.E degree.

I was fortunate as KLEIT was established in Hubli in 2008. I was lucky enough to get the discipline of my choice that is ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS.

KLEIT was a new place and also far away from my home. It is always good to have college far away from home because we can have extra fun. All my close friends of pre-university college sought admission in various Engineering and Medical colleges of Hubli, Dharwar, Tumkur and Bangalore. None of them preferred KLEIT as it was a new college with no proper infrastructure. More over there was no much details and information available regarding this new college.

Many times people who are not fulfilling their dreams will try to discourage us from fulfilling ours. Few people will try to show extra concern when we actually do not require it. Some of them will advice and confuse us. No one will guide in a proper way. They may not do it intentionally but they will tell us what we cannot do, how things won’t work out. They will remind us of our weakness and our impossibilities. 

We all have such people in our lives. Don’t we? I came across such people who muddled my mind with wrong ideas and thoughts. There were few who guided me very well. But even then I began to think was it wrong to choose KLEIT? 

I sat starring at the walls while tears rolled down from my eyes. My mom saw me crying and she came and sat beside me. She consoled me by saying “the ability to believe in yourself, to believe that you have the power to make your dreams a reality is the ability to control your destiny. We wanted you to stay in Hubli and study so we asked you to either choose a reputed college like BVB or a branch of your choice in a new college like KLEIT. Now that you have already chosen KLEIT I can only say if this is happening let it happen. Anyone can have a strong belief when they can see the evidence of good progress. The test of your belief will come when there seems to be no evidence that you can reach your dreams. The same is with you now. You are scared if KLEIT is the right choice or not. The feeling of doubt inside you is becoming strong. Don’t let that happen.

When mind is confused just take a deep breath and say to yourself -YOU CAN DO IT, YOU WILL DO IT”. I did not utter a single word but my mom was able to read my mind.

I sought admission in KLEIT on 1st July 2008 with a strong belief that “Engineering at KLEIT is a daring adventure, full of challenges. I CAN DO IT and I WILL DO IT”.

Truly ‘Engineering at KLEIT’ for me was not only gaining technical knowledge but also about learning the values of life. It was about becoming better and better. It was not only about getting good marks without backlogs but also about facing new challenges every single day.


  1. Congratulations!! that your hardwork has paid.... The past looks great. Good luck in the job search and enjoy your lifetime....